8 Best Apps To Watch IPL Live Free On Android

The IPL season is here. Everyone has been enjoying the thrilling matches for a few days now. If you have trouble catching up with all the IPL matches and looking for the best apps to watch IPL Live 2021 free on mobile, you have come to the right place.

If a person is at someplace remote or does not have the time to sit before the TV for hours, he can live stream IPL matches for free with these apps. Millions of people tune in to watch IPL live to stream, no true cricket lover would want to miss a single match.

That’s when these apps come in handy when you are at the office, on a bus, or out with friends, all you have to do is take out your mobile and watch IPL live with these apps.

Best Apps to Watch IPL 2021 Live Free

Many popular apps stream IPL daily, Disney+Hotstar, Airtel TV, Willow TV, Yupp TV, and Jio TV. These apps are mostly premium, you would have to pay a subscription fee to watch IPL 2021. Here are some free apps that will let you watch IPL 21 free.


AOS TV gives users access to all genres of entertainment like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, News, and more. You can stream live IPL matches on this app as well. Apart from the Indian Premier League, you can watch other cricket leagues, Football, Kabaddi, NBA, and more.

A simple, appealing, self-explanatory user interface with a categorized layout lets you find your genre of entertainment easily. Users can select the sports category and navigate to IPL to stay posted with the latest IPL updates and IPL results.

HD Stream

HD Streamz is a popular IPTV app that provides live streaming services in 19 countries. With over 1000 channels, this live TV app is leaving others behind inefficiency.

You can watch live IPL 21 with this app as well. It supports plenty of sports TV channels. By going to the sports category, you can stream live your favorite sports channel.

It also provides live radio streaming, you can keep a tab on IPL live score and results by listening to different radio channels as well. For IPL 2021 Live Streaming free, all you need is a good internet connection and this Live TV application.


If you have not heard of this app, we are pretty sure you are living under a rock. This IPTV app is the most famous among IPL lovers also referred to as ThopTV Cricket Dekhne Wala. You can stream unlimited movies, TV, radio, sports, and News Channels.

ThopTv understands how maniac cricket lovers can be for IPL so it serves by providing live IPL updates and matches. There is a featured section dedicated to IPL alone. By clicking it, the app will start streaming IPL live 2021. Compatible with Android devices only.

Twitch TV

Another live streaming app to add to the list is Twitch TV. With this app, you can watch IPL 2021 live streaming online without spending any money. Just Google IPL live on Twitchtv and it will take you to your destination.

This app supports the live streaming of gaming videos, esports, or any IRL broadcast. Twitch app supports video streaming under hundreds of categories. Broadcasters have been earning money from this platform as well, similar to YouTube.


As the name suggests, this app is built only to cater to IPL fans from all over the world. Star Sports broadcasts all of the IPL cricket matches. You can watch Star Sports for free here and enjoy all the fun and thrilling matches.

Apps To Watch IPL Live

Just tune in when your favorite match is about to begin and watch the Indian Premier League matches 2021 on the go.


This app streams live channels and on-demand content. A user can watch soccer, Rugby, Darts, Cricket, F1, Racing on popular channels like Sky Sports or BT Sports. Sky Sports broadcasts live matches of IPL, so, stream live Sky Sports via this app and enjoy this Indian Premier League season.

Oreo TV

IPL viewers can find a new home in this TV app. It supports multiple TV channels from different categories, including your favorite combination of sports and IPL. With over 6000 channels, this app got plenty to stream. It is undoubtedly one of the best streaming apps that lets you enjoy live matches of IPL 21.

Pikashow TV

Pikashow TV opens up a whole new world of entertainment with unlimited Hollywood and Bollywood content. That’s just not it, it also answers your questions about how to watch live IPL 2021 matches by streaming all the IPL cricket matches online.

Lastly, IPL did not happen last year because of the current COVID situation, this year it is bigger and mightier as fans have been missing some IPL action for quite some time now.

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